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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It has been way to long... time to stretch my blogging muscles

School has started!  I'm actually surprised with the program.  I knew it would be intense when I started the shortest LPN program in the state.  Not to mention it has more credits and twice the clinical hours of the other program in the city.  This is crazy though.  I took my first final today, and tomorrow I have a midterm in another class.  Oh!  And now that Nursing Concepts is done I start Nursing Foundations tomorrow as well!

I love it though.  I'm not saying I won't complain or vent over the next13 months. To know me is to know I vent.  But I am so glad that finally things came together and I'm finally making progress towards my goal.

In other news, work is crazy.  I've been putting in a few NOC shifts during the weeks.  Makes class the next day interesting as I'm all hyped up on caffeine.   We're moving!  Hopefully the last time for a long time.  I'll post pictures as we get all settled in.  The official move is tomorrow, while I'm taking my midterm, I squeaked out of another move =o)  I have been packing however.  I can't wait for it all to be done!