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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crazy Weekend, Crazy Week Ahead

So here's my goal for this week, if I'm not up to my elbows in secretions, I'll be blogging.

It's been a little bit, so here are the updates to the Journey:

I am no longer managing the group home. They just wanted too many hours. A full time on site manager. When I was offered and took the position it was to be ten hours of administration and 4 nights per week on site. They knew I was a nursing student and would be working as a CNA while a student. Over the last few months, while I gave options to fix the budget and some of the behavioral problems in the building including moving out two violent residents, they were requiring more and more hours. On Tuesday I had a meeting with my boss. He offered me more money a month in exchange for taking the building full time. Full time meant not starting school this fall and no CNA work. I would be able to be out of the building long enough to see a movie and have dinner. I turned down the offer. For those of you who know my situation, my job gave me my home. Looks like I'm back to my nomadic life style.

The night before that meeting was even better. Of course I was going to blog about her sooner or later. And here it is.

I can't even call her the Nazi Nurse, the Nazis were organized. She thinks she's organized, but is far from it. Of course if you ask her, she's just so organized she seems a mess. What to call her? Frizzy hair, not curly, not straight. always changing colors. Loves to tell you how awesome it is that she keeps dropping pounds, but she looks like crap because a strong breeze would snap her in two. No work ethic. I think that's the worst part of it. She's never been a CNA, has no idea what her CNAs should be doing, and not doing for that matter. She had the balls to ask me to pass meds because I have a better rapport with the resident. When I told her I was not certified to pass medication and would not risk my license to do so that was it. She tried to report me to my boss. Said that I was incompetent and would not make it as a nurse because I'm not a team player. I am a team player, I'm just not willing to break the law.

Don stopped by the house to pick up his forgotten ticket and broke my rant, I'm sure I'll come back to her later. Maybe once I can think of something to call her.

My stepsister was in town this week. We had a blast bowling in the OC, her first ink, a visit with the grandparents and my dad, drinks at Kell's and my first VooDoo Doughnut. This morning we had breakfast and Bloody Marys at my favorite brunch spot in Tualatin and now she's boarding her flight back to Vegas. I miss her face already. Time for a trip to Vegas =o)

Hood to Coast. How stressful and fun was that? I did not run, I volunteered for a friend's team and never saw her or anyone else from that team all weekend. What got me through the 12AM drive and 4 hour shift in the rain from 3:30-7:30AM were the texts from Don's team updating on times and paces. I'm so proud of him. He ran 18 miles in 24 hours, that's my pavement pounding rockstar! I think I'd like to run it next year. We'll see how it goes, I'm not really the running type, but it would be such an experience and accomplishment. When I got home yesterday from my shift I slept for nine hours. I needed it, after getting Don up and out the door Friday morning at 4:45AM to make it up to Mt. Hood for an 8:15AM start time, starting laundry for his week at Burning Man and the furry kids, I really hadn't done more than cat nap for over 24 hours. Feeling good now, looking forward to continuing to catch up.

But that won't last long. I work all three shifts this week (days, evenings and overnight), and might try my first double. Oh! And I have to pack and move out of my place. Sleep is over rated anyhow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dance Dance

I've been needing to find a dance class for the last year. Yep, back in Oregon for a year means needing a dance class for a year.

I tried the Alumni Team from high school. Don't get me wrong, I loved the girls I danced with back in the day, but it just wasn't the right fit anymore. I was the oldest one that came to practice, one of two that was unmarried, ditto to childless. Sadly it was less of a practice and more of a sit around and stretch and talk about husbands and children for an hour. Oh, and when we actually got to the routine I was way out of my league. The majority of the alumni still practicing are newbie alumni, not the I haven't seen a dance studio since I graduated 10 years ago alumni.

So now I'm looking for an adult beginner class. And it has been proving quite difficult. Classes are either on the other side of town, incredibly expensive, not beginner or all of the above.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Road block??? HA! I'll see your road block, and I raise you one hell of a fight!

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So I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately.

Between starting work as a Nursing Assistant, studying for my State Boards, work at the group home and trying to somehow get everything in order at the office before I start my nursing program in October.

Maybe I'm setting myself up to fail. I've been known to take on way too much at once. Not able to relinquish power, striving to be the top of everything. It wouldn't be the first time I've bitten off more than I can chew. And to be honest I've choked more than once.

But... MAYBE... just maybe, I'm setting myself up to THRIVE. I know that once all is said and done, and I'm not just little me. Once I'm little me with my BSN it will all be worthwhile. I'll have bleed, cried and clawed my way through to the dream on the other side of this nightmare.

Sometimes I wish that I had things handed to me a bit more. Parents that were supportive (emotionally and financially). Wouldn't it be nice to work because I wanted to and enjoyed helping my patients in LTC rather than being elbow deep in secretions because I have to keep a roof over my head? Well yes, obviously that would be better. But these are the cards I've been dealt. The weak fold, I go all in.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Expanding waist lines and receding hairlines....

I did it!
I survived my 10 year reunion. I promised pictures before, so here they are.

Denise and I
Emily and Bobi
My hot date... I'm a lucky girl.

Me and Matt... He's one of the best guys I know

Megan and I, she's one hot momma!

Like prom, 10 years later =0)

M.J., Cheryl, and Me

Jamie and her hot date Loni Kristina

Thank you to everyone that made the night awesome... see you in another 10!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Scrubs and Uniforms to Wear When Working With Children

Scrubs and Uniforms to Wear When Working With Children

This was too funny to find today in my current quest! My boyfriend really doesn't like my scrubs, can't understand why they'd make something so unflattering. I'm in constant search for the right cut of pant (tough to find being 5 foot tall) that isn't super long or super high waisted. A top that is fitted but won't scare children away showing off the goods. I thought this article was really interesting about children's perceptions. Working in LTC, I stick to a solid pant and usually a print top. I try not to wear solid color sets. Ceil blue pants and a navy top or pink pants and a black top are usually what I wear when I go solid. I try and avoid all black or all navy, just a little to depressing.

Thank you for the article!
I don't think I'll ever get used to "casual Friday", I'm not sold on the idea that scrub tops and jeans should go together. And I'm certainly not providing patient care in my Lucky jeans.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The The Greatest Journey Starts With a Single Small Step...

So here it goes...

I never thought my life was all that interesting, well at least not interesting enough for anyone to want to read about it. Since getting out and about in the nursing world, I've recently found out that a lot of people are very interested in what I'm up to- so I've started this blog.

In this journal of my journey (I love the way that sounds), I will blog about previous trips that led me to where I am now, where I’m headed, and of course the journey along the way.
Pack your bags, go-before-you-go, grab some GORP and let’s hit the road!