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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look Out World..... She's Back!

It has been over a year from my last post.  In that year here's a quick recap of what has happened:
  • We moved
  • I turned 29, I freaked out
  • I graduated from nursing school (woot!)
  • Don got put on a project in Seattle, for almost a year
  • Went on a cruise (woot woot)
  • Got engaged! (WWWOOOTTTT!)
  • Moved again (just next door)
  • I turned 30, mini freak out. Now I'm determined to rock it.
Now with a few days until vacation I'm freaking out.  The wedding is 38 days away. I'm freaking out.

But in a month I go back to school full time to finish this degree, I'm not freaking out about that at all.