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Friday, September 18, 2009

Martians Need Health Care Too....

Thank You SUPERPOOP for the chuckle =o)


Anonymous said...

As an RN in Canada where Universal Health care works just fine, and the economy here is booming.....and there will be no layoffs because the hospitals still are as full as ever because people are not without medical care ....and by the way - my take home pay after taxes is just about as much as what I made in the I have a month off for vacation to boot.....oh wait, more than a month because a month is what u START with here.....I think if people were less selfish and decided that health care was important enough to fund via taxes so everyone can afford no one has to do lose their house or go broke or be refused insurance because of previous get the picture. I really don't know what people are afraid of in the USA....the tempest in the tea pot i guess.

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